Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Sydney Valuers

Assume here that they’ve received a hundred million dollars in funding at a billion-dollar valuation and they have no revenue yet most companies would not be able to get this if they have no revenue but we’re just going to go with it for now and this makes them a so-called unicorn in other words a startup that is worth at least a billion dollars or more so the question here is is this crazy or could a rational person actually justify-the step evaluations let’s go to excel and answer this question out.

see what we come therewith is our DC analysis for Pipers you can see we are driving revenue here based on the number of app downloads they get for their compression and file storage app we’re assuming a certain number of those downloads get converted into paid users some percentage of pages will drop off each year but overall the count keeps increasing until the end of this -year period and then the paid users will all pay a certain dollar amount per year which leads the company’s revenue as you can see.

it’s growing very rapidly starting out at zero in your one and going all the way up to almost two billion dollars by the end of your then we assume a margin on that we have our taxes we get to net operating profit after taxes we had back are non-cash expenses factor and working capital and subtract capital expenditures so the setup is very similar to a standard DC for a company in any industrialization’s different is the numbers and some of the assumptions that we’re making here noways a point of comparison if you look at it standard DC for mature company in another industry have an example here for steel dynamics the basic setup is very similar except the numbers are all completely different for one thing the company is starting with a certain amount of revenue already and then they do grow the revenue over time but it’s by very small.