Tips With Asbestos Removal Sydney

Glove bag method setup of this project is the most important part you have a critical barrier at the top of the stairs of the basement this is a negative air machine exhausting air from inside the containment to the outdoors creating a negative pressure is the glove bags that are being hung with theater in the bag making sure that the asbestos is kept adequately.

wet this is the exhaust coming from the negative Erica leading outside workers are getting ready to down on their respirators and this is a personal air monitor that’s going to be monitoring each employee should be danger signposted danger tape at the access entrancement’s a first aid kit material safety data sheets should be on site at altimeter’s a permits necessary paperwork sign-in logs all kinds of state documentation that should be necessary for this project this is the air monitoring.

Being done on a continuous basis this is the entrance way to the basement that’s sealed off and here’s one of our negative air machines with a HEAP vacuum close band this is the air monitoring that’s being done inside the containment this process of workers beginning to remove asbestos from the pipe down into whetted glove bag area we have both a negative pressure containment and glove bag procedure on this project it is very very safe this way ensures that the workers safe and the homeowners safe asbestos is being peeled off and dropped into the bag right next to a negative air machine this is a closer picture of one of the workers removing the asbestos off the.

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